Need to Find Best Deal on Upcoming Concert Tickets

Top 10 Broadway Musicals Opening 2012I really love to go to concerts, and fortunately, I live in a city where a lot good bands play on a fairly regular basis; it seems like a lot of the artists I listen to mark my city down on their maps when they plan their tours. For that, I am glad, but right now, I am looking for a way to compare ticket prices online for upcoming concerts to see where I can find the best prices. I have enough money to spend on the concerts, but it has occurred to me lately that I have been spending quite a lot of money on concert tickets over the past couple of years, and as such, I should try to find the cheapest deals on concert tickets that exist.

I am hoping to go to a particular concert in late September, one of my favorite bands is playing, and the band that is opening for them is one that I would really like to see as well.

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American Idol as an Effective Model for Federal Elections

That (AI as an election model) was the topic of our dinner discussion last night.  But it devolved into new and sometimes violent ways to eliminate American Idol contestants who get the lowest vote count.

Just before heading to bed, we turned on the TV and saw some of the early coverage of the tornado that hit downtown Atlanta last night.  The CNN Center and Olympic Park (two of my favorite tourist spots) are near the center of the damage.  It was eerie watching the scenes of buildings and streets that we know fairly well, and learning that such massive damage had occurred just 20 or so miles from our home without us even realizing it. Continue reading

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